Our Services

At Westside Mind Health, Inc., we provide IV ketamine and intramuscular (IM) ketamine assisted psychotherapy (KAP) in a safe, comfortable, carefully monitored setting. You will receive the highest level of care from our well-trained, experienced, board-certified psychiatrists. Our priority is safety, and we follow “best-practice” guidelines in order to create an optimal treatment experience for our patients. The high quality of our care stands in stark contrast to many other ketamine clinics, which utilize providers who are not mental health professionals or who are unlicensed practitioners, working under the supervision of a physician who is often not on-site.

Our Process

Initial Assessment

During the initial assessment, our team will determine if ketamine is likely to be a safe and effective option for you. We will get to know you, understand the your symptoms, and learn what treatments you have tried before. You will complete symptom rating scales that establish a baseline of symptomatology. We will discuss ketamine generally, how it affects your brain, the experiences most people have when being treated with ketamine, the likely benefits of ketamine treatment, and the possible risks of treatment. Together, we make an informed decision about whether to proceed with ketamine treatment.


We offer ketamine using intravenous (IV), intramuscular (IM), or oral routes of administration depending on client preferences. The frequency of treatment sessions are determined by the treatment team. A typical initial course would be two treatments per week for three to four weeks followed by weekly treatments for four weeks.

During treatment sessions, you are closely monitored while reclining comfortably. Patients usually listen to music and wear an eye mask. Vital signs are monitored for safety. Treatments last anywhere between 60 and 120 minutes, depending on the route of administration. At each session, you will be asked to complete symptom rating scales that enable us to track your progress.


On its own, ketamine produces powerful mood-elevating effects . However, the experience during ketamine treatments also can be the source of immense psychological change. Therefore, we also offer ketamine assisted psychotherapy in order to integrate your ketamine treatment experiences into your daily life and relationships. This therapy can be incorporated into treatment sessions.

We provide a safe, comfortable, and medically supervised environment during treatment.